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Skid Pan Courses

Skid Pan Training Courses

Knowing how to handle a skid could be the difference between life and death, which is why our skid pan training courses are more popular than ever before. Available at four locations throughout the UK, our skid pan courses will give you all the skills and confidence you need to take back control if you ever find yourself skidding in a vehicle.

Learn Skid Control From Driving Experts

The best way to get skid pan experience is to get stuck in and give skid pan driving a go yourself. For this reason we provide all the equipment you need, including the vehicle, and a safe, off-road skid pad environment. Our trainers are all total experts with the very best skid pan skills, and they're really patient with all who take part on the course, no matter what their driving experience level is.

Skid Pan Experience Gift Vouchers

Skid pan training may be a fantastic way to learn vital skidpan control skills, but it's also brilliant fun and makes for a great gift for petrol-heads and passionate drivers. We provide skid pan training gift vouchers which are available in sleek presentation packs and valid for up to 12 months. The recipient can then book their skid pan driving experience on a date that suits them, or you can contact our Driver Skills Team to immediately book a session at one of our venues.

Skid Pan Locations

We offer skid pan courses at four locations in the UK - Yorkshire, Leicester, Edinburgh and Essex - with each one strategically placed to be within easy reach of most major cities. No matter if you live in Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield, London or Milton Keynes, you'll be able to reach one of our skin pan courses within just a couple of hours. Our Yorkshire location, Elvington Airfield, is a huge venue and most certainly the North's favourite skid pan location.

Corporate Groups

If you're a company looking for skid pan training for your employees, follow this link to Corporate Skid Pan Training

Check out all our skid pan training courses below now.

Elvington Yorkshire

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