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Stunt Driving Experience Courses in Yorkshire

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Stunt Driving Course - Yorkshire

Book yourself a stunt driving course and experience how to throw the car around like a real stunt driver. You will be taught the skills by a professional driver who will help you master using the handbrake to spin the car. Your friends and family can watch you in action performing manoeuvres like spinning the car through 180 degrees into a parking space. The experience takes place on a wet concrete area using a specially modified driving stunt car.

Buy as a Gift

This course can be purchased as a stunt driving gift voucher valid for a full 12 months. When you purchase online you are automatically sent a gift voucher by email. You can also add our gift voucher gift pack which is a presentation wallet sent in the first class post.

Stunt Driving Experience Details

The maximum group size for our stunt driving experiences is just 2 people! So you will always be the next person in the car! ALL your driving sessions will be one to one with the instructor.

  • Welcome, Introduction and Safety Briefing
  • Several Demonstrations by our Professional Stunt Driver
  • 4 Driving Sessions in the Stunt Car
  • 1 J-Turn Passenger Ride
  • A Timed Challenge
  • Individual Driving Certificate

Driving Stunts Like You See at the Movies!

Your professional instructor will also demonstrate a J- Turn, as seen in all good stunt action movies! This involves being strapped in the passenger seat of our stunt car and being driven flat out in reverse by your instructor, who will then spin the car around to face forward whilst still moving engaging second gear and driving away! (This is a truly unique experience!)

The Stunt Driving Skills on Offer

  • Hand Brake Turns
  • 180° Spins
  • Parking the car stunt using the Handbrake
  • Parallel Parking with the Handbrake - Like you see in the movies!
  • Turning and Drifting using the Handbrake

Experience Format

Group Size = 2 Drivers per Instructor/car

Driving Time = Approximately 40 Minutes per driver

Duration = Allow up to 3 hours at the venue


Elvington, York, Yorkshire (Just 15 Minutes from York City Centre!)


The courses are available from March to December and are run on selected Thursdays and Fridays.

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