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Advanced Driving Skills from Driving Experts

Have Fun Developing Your Driving Skills to an Advanced Level

Driver Skills provide advanced driving training courses where you can develop your driving skills. We use proven driving skill techniques from motorsport and police driving. We can guarantee that you will have a fantastic time and learn some useful driving skills.

Our Driving Courses

Skid Pan Training
Drifting Courses
Stunt Driving
Performance Driving Skills
Drive Your Own Car Option
Drive a Caterham Supercar

On-Road Advanced Driving Courses

Special Offers - Big Savings

We have some limited spaces available on selected event dates. Special Driving Course Offers

Skid Pan Training

We can provide skid pan experiences at 3 locations where you can learn how to stay in control of your car in a skid. Each skid pan location has a team of skid pan experts to teach you the skills and ensure you have a great time!
Skid Pan Training Experiences

Corporate Driver Training Days

We provide some very popular group driver training events for corporate clients looking for professional driver training combined with fun driving activities. Advanced Driving Courses for Company Drivers