You will certainly have questions when booking Driver Skills for your company driving event. Here are just a few of the questions we are often asked by clients when talking about company driving days.

Modern cars have stability control, why would we need skid pan training?

A very good question. Whilst many modern company cars have stability control systems as standard, very often drivers are aware of their presence but have no idea how to use them to help in an emergency. Additionally, some drivers aren’t aware of their intervention and simply continue driving faster. Our programme teaches not only recognition of the threat but also what to do when everything goes wrong.

What about four wheel drive cars?

A four wheel drive car in a skid reacts very, very similarly to a front wheel drive car, but with higher grip levels. We strongly recommend drivers of four wheel drive cars attend and learn in our front wheel drive cars to perfect the techniques.

We want to create a corporate event. What else can we do?

There are so many things we can think of. Our location close by the City of York is perfect for relaxing and accommodation, while we could even arrange a pleasure flight from Elvington airfield should you wish to see Yorkshire from the air. Simple call us with your ideas and we can create any event you’d wish for.

Why don’t we do public driving days?

We still do. If you have a group of friends and family that would like to have a fun day out and learn some new skills, we cater for groups from six drivers upwards. Contact us with your details and we can create a day for you.

I’m a sales manager or company car manager. Will I get a written assessment of my drivers?

Yes. Our on road trainers write a comprehensive report on each driver afterwards which is emailed to you as a PDF. Skid control guests receive a certificate of completion on the day.

Have a question we haven’t answered here? Use the call back button below and we will come right back to you.