Training Staff to be Safer when Driving for their Daily Work

Company training programmes cover many different areas. Most companies concentrate on training staff for the obvious roles of performing their daily jobs more skillfully, safely and effectively. Very often, it is easy to overlook the skills of driving and the potential for danger when driving at work.

XLVets is a community of independently-owned, progressive veterinary practices that work together to achieve the highest standards of veterinary care. The members of XLVets work collaboratively sharing knowledge, experience and skills, to achieve excellence in veterinary practice that ensures they deliver a high level of customer care and animal welfare.

Many of the company car drivers who come to us for defensive driver training and skid pan training do very high motorway mileages. The Graduates from XL Vets have a slightly different need to many, as a high percentage of a vet’s driving takes place on country roads, often at unusual hours of the day.

One of the areas they are very aware of is the issue of young, newly qualified vets driving on country roads. The car is often carrying a degree of equipment needed to perform their tasks on location, all of which can add to the weight of the car.

A Regular Client who we work with Year on Year

We have been working with XL Vets for a number of years in the area of defensive driver training courses and skid pan training. Combined with our emergency avoidance training, young vets spend a day with us and learn new driving skills and achieve higher levels of safety when driving on their daily work.

This training programme is often added onto other educational courses the vets will be having in the Yorkshire area and forms a fun and educational break and combines well with their traditional skills training. Veterinary graduates come to Driver Skills from all corners of the UK to learn how to become better drivers when undertaking what can be a very busy working day.

“XLVets Training Services have used DriverSkills for a number of years for our Veterinary graduate programmes.They offer professional, informative and exciting courses, helping our graduates grow their driving skills which is an essential part of their job. Graduates have always enjoyed this part of the programme and are able to take valuable skills back to their respective practices.” Alexandra Turnbull – XL Vets

We believe that defensive driver training and skid pan training for company car drivers does not have to be boring. By explaining the concepts of skid control, drivers can learn these skills in a safe and controlled environment. When combined with the on road defensive driver training programme, we help XL Vets Graduates to become safer drivers at this important stage of their careers as both veterinarians and drivers.