Winter Driving Courses for Fleet Drivers


Winter Driving Courses

Prepare Your Employees for Driving in the Winter!

If you have employees who need to drive in winter conditions this training can greatly improve their awareness and provide them with the skills required to adapt their driving to the conditions.

Increase Safety and Lower Driving Stress

Many drivers can feel stressed and even afraid when driving in winter weather and in particular in snow conditions. By being aware of the correct driving techniques for winter conditions your drivers will feel more in control which will lead to a lower collision risk and reduced stress levels..

Winter Driving Course Areas of Trainingwinterdriving300x200

  • How to Share Limited Grip
  • Awareness of Possible Surface Grip Changes
  • Defensive Driving Skills
  • How to Maximise Traction
  • Preparing Your Car for Winter Journeys
  • Skid Avoidance Techniques
  • Utilising Electronic Safety Devices
  • Adapt Your Driving to Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Awareness and Avoidance of Aquaplaning
  • Advanced Observation Skills

For more information on winter driving courses contact our Fleet Training Team

Winter Driving Tips Video

Our Chief Instructor gives some tips on driving in the snow.