Business Use Insurance Cover

Driver Training in Employees Own Vehicles

If your staff members are using their own car for driver training during business hours they will need to have business use on their policy. Contact an insurance provider for more information.

Car Insurance With Business Use

If any of your staff use their own car for business use, such as attending meetings or running errands, then chances are they won’t be covered by an ordinary car insurance policy. Instead they will need to have business use added to their policy with unique cover options designed for motorists who travel as part of their work. The good news is that this can usually be done at little or no extra cost.

An ordinary car insurance policy does insure them for travelling to their regular place of work, but it does not offer cover for any further business travel

Types of Cover Available

Car insurance for business use usually falls into three categories:

• Private and occasional business use:

• Private and business use:

• Commercial travelling: