Presentations and Workshops

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We can supply a range of workshops and presentations adapted to your requirements and delivered at your location.

All our presentations are on PowerPoint format and are fast moving and dynamic to ensure participant focus. Below are some of the presentations and subjects which we currently deliver to companies.

Speed Awareness

The reasons why drivers speed and how to change a drivers speeding culture.

Defensive Driving

How to stay safe whilst driving by developing good observation skills and adapting to changing road and traffic conditions.

Vehicle Safety Checks

How to carryout safety checks on your vehicle.

Understanding Vehicle Active Safety Equipment

Information on Anti Lock Brakes, Electronic Stability Programme and other driver aide technology.

Safer Winter Driving

Information and tips on how to stay safe on our roads in the winter. Includes; Driving in the rain, fog, snow and ice.

Choosing Safer Vehicles

Information on vehicle safety equipment and Euro NCAP vehicle safety assessment.

How to Book

We can adapt any of our training to your requirements contact us for details