Advanced Driving Courses for Company Car Drivers


Advanced Driving Courses – Nationwide

Our Advanced Driving Courses are designed for company vehicle drivers and they teach defensive driving skills which boost the skills of your drivers and lower driving risk. Defensive Driving is an adaptation of the Advanced Driving techniques originally devised by police drivers and the skills can be learnt by any driver. We combine on road training with skid pan and vehicle control skills to provide informative and entertaining company driver events. The objective of the training is to enable drivers to be more aware of the potential dangers they face out on the road every day. Find out More Here

Fully Qualified Instructors

The on road training is carried out by our team of Driving Standards Agency Approved Instructors who are also Fleet Driver Training Qualified. Every trainer is handpicked for their qualifications and experience and many are also former Police drivers. The skid pan and vehicle control skills training is provided by experienced and skilled off road trainers.

Why is it Called Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving is also known as advanced driving and has been developed specifically for company drivers. In addition to improving your own driving skills, you will also learn how to ‘defend’ yourself from other driver mistakes, by spotting potential hazards much earlier. With this vital information you can plan and adjust your driving in a professional manner and stay safe.

Reduce Your Driver Risk!

Drivers who take part in a defensive driving course are on average 20% less likely to be involved in a traffic incident. In addition to averting possible road traffic incidents drivers will also see an improvement in MPG and less wear and tear on vehicle brakes and tyres.

Company Driver Training Days

Our most popular company driver training events take place at our York location. These team training days  provide a unique combination of driver training, competition and entertainment. Company Advanced Driving Days

Driver Risk Assessment Reports

A detailed driver risk assessment report is produced for all participants taking part in the on road training. The report is in PDF format and details the driver’s skills and any potential risk areas, including a driver risk score.

Information and Booking

Advanced Driving for Company Drivers can be booked for individual drivers or large company fleets – for information and booking details; contact us today