Learn how to Control a Skid in any Weather

We are all aware that Driving in the winter is more risky than at any other time of the year.

Aside from the increased risk associated with driving in treacherous conditions, drivers are also subject to much higher degrees of stress. Drivers who understand the basics of skid control and avoidance and who adapt their driving to the conditions, reduce their risk level dramatically.

Reduce Stress Levels when Driving in Wintry Conditions

Driver Skills provide the training and information required for drivers to reduce their risk and stress levels when driving in wintry conditions. In addition, these skills can reduce driving risk in normal driving conditions and help employees to handle emergency situations.

The skills you can learn on a day with us include:

  • Skid Avoidance
  • Skid Control Skills
  • Emergency Collision Avoidance
  • Using ABS in an Emergency
  • Adapting your driving to treacherous conditions
  • Understanding the role and limitations of your tyres
  • Avoiding Aquaplaning