Skid Pan Training Events

The Driver Skills company driver skid pan training programme forms a core part of your company driver training event and ensures that your staff are learning techniques to keep them safe in their daily work.

If you have members of staff who drive on company business, keeping them safe on todays busy roads can be a worrying subject. Even with modern driver aids, accidents can still happen and finding ways to ensure your company car drivers have the skills they need can be difficult.

Part of the suite of Driver Skills training programme,the Driver Skills skid pan training course is quite probably the most realistic way to recreate the emergency of a skid on the road, but in a safe and controlled environment. Driver Skills’ skid pan training is very much hands on, with the absolute minimum of classroom time and with a driver to instructor ration of never more than 3:1, we place the emphasis on hands on skills training and driving time.

Once your drivers have learned what can happen, our specialist instructor team help them to develop a new skill set that will ensure they have the confidence to deal with emergency situations when driving on the roads.

Our fleet of front wheel drive and rear wheel drive cars have very subtle adaptations to make them perfect for accurately recreating a real skid, just as it would happen in an on road emergency. The wide open safe expanses of our training location mean that they can learn this important skill in safety.

By the time they leave us, not only will your drivers have learned vital skills to detect and prevent the onset of a skid, they will have the techniques to recover from a skid in front wheel drive, four wheel drive or rear wheel driver cars.

Most important of all, they will enjoy a fun day out while learning new skills that keep them safe both in the workplace and also when driving with their own families for years to come.

Skid Pan Course Benefits

  • Hands on driver training with the emphasis on driving time
  • Ideal instructor to driver ratio of never more than three to one
  • Front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and four wheel drive company car drivers
  • A safe, controlled and fun environment to learn new skills

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