Defensive Driver Training Courses for Company Car Drivers

Company car drivers, by definition, tend to spend more time than most behind the wheel on Britain’s busy roads. Many companies have the constant worry about keeping their staff safe while driving company cars. As part of our suite of company car driver training programmes, our on road defensive driver training course and advanced driver training techniques give you the peace of mind to know that your staff are as safe and confident as possible when driving in their work.

Everyone likes to think they are a skilled driver, so defensive driver training, advanced driver training and driving assessment courses can sometimes be viewed with suspicion by company drivers. Our advanced driving course ensures that above all, your drivers will have a fun day with our instructor team and learn more about spotting bad habits, preventing emergencies from developing.

The Driver Skills specialist team of advanced on road driving instructors will spend time with your company car drivers on Yorkshire’s roads helping them to learn vital new skills relating to defensive driving and a whole range of advanced driving techniques for company car drivers.

Fully qualified government approved instructors, many of whom have a lifetime of professional driving experience in the Police force and military service, will help your drivers to perfect skills including

Defensive driving – Defensive driving is also known as advanced driving. Our defensive driver training has been developed specifically for company drivers. In addition to improving your own driving skills, defensive driver training will also teach company drivers how to ‘defend’ yourself from other driver mistakes, by spotting potential hazards much earlier. With this vital information your drivers can plan and adjust their driving in a professional manner and stay safe.

Speed Awareness -even the smallest engined car available to today is capable of highly illegal speeds. With automated speed cameras an everyday part of driving life in the UK. This speed awareness element of the course focuses on speed and the possible consequences of speeding combined with advanced On Road Awareness and Driving Techniques.

  • By the end of the course your company car drivers will have learned new skills as well as erasing some of the many bad habits that are so easy to pick as drivers build up that busy road mileage
  • Driver Risk reports – On completion of the course, you will be given a detailed assessment of each driver’s ability and skills, together with areas for improvement and safety awareness for your own company records.
  • DSA Approved Trainers – All of our on road instructors are DSA approved, many with years of experience in professional driving

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