In addition to our programme of hands on driver training elements, we also operate a very popular presentation programme for those with an interest in driver safety and company car driver training.

Sometimes, it simply isn’t possible for delegates to spend the time hands on with our instructor team. It may be that the logistics make it impossible, or simply that there are hundred of people to present information to. This is where our driver safety and defensive driving lecture and presentation proves invaluable.

The programme is presented by an advanced driving instructor with more than 25 years experience of training drivers in the art of defensive driving.

Delivered in an engaging and entertaining style, with a unique mix of both interesting experiences and more serious subjects, this talk is an interactive experience with the audience and can be tailored both in duration and also size of audience.

We have delivered driver safety presentations to both small groups of delegates in a meeting room all the way to several hundred in an auditorium.

The objective is to provide safer driving information aimed at making your drivers more aware of the risks they face whilst driving and illustrate ways of reducing that risk. Each presentation will last between 1.5 – 2 hours, and will cover the following;

Higher Level Driving Skills (Advanced Driving Skills) Information on the risks that drivers face on today’s roads and how using advanced driving skills can reduce those risks.

Vehicle Dynamic Control + Safety Checks This presentation covers how to check that your vehicle is roadworthy and how passengers can adversely effect the handling of a vehicle.

There is also information on the benefits of Electronic Driver Aids such as ABS and ESP Adapting to Weather and Road Conditions Many drivers don’t adjust their speed and driving sufficiently to cope with adverse driving conditions. This presentation gives advice and tips on how to make these journeys safer.

We believe that driver safety and training does not need to be a boring subject. This presentation is certain to give everyone new and relevant information on driving on today’s roads, regardless of their level of driving experience.