A vital part of the Driver Skills company driver training programme is learning about ABS braking and some of the advanced stability control systems on modern company cars.

While many drivers are aware that their cars have systems such as anti lock braking systems and advanced stability control built in, it is often surprising just how few drivers know how to use these systems as an instrument to get themselves out of trouble in an emergency. The Emergency Avoidance element involves ABS Brake training and Electronic Systems training and solves this issue.

Our training programme for anti lock braking systems can be a revelation for many company car drivers. The Driver Skills instructor team give your drivers hands on experience of emergency anti lock braking techniques on a safe and controlled environment, giving company car drivers the skills they need to extract the best from these systems in an emergency. Together with skid pan training and advanced on road driver training, your drivers will learn a complete set of driving skills to help them to prevent on road emergencies and be confident with dealing with situations that can so easily happen on today’s busy and congested roads.

Benefits of Emergency Avoidance Training

  • Recognise when electronic systems have triggered and why
  • Learn to use ABS braking systems as an instrument to improve safety
  • Develop an understanding of modern stability control systems
  • Learn how to use modern stability systems to keep drivers safe

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