Driver Skills was formed in 2005 by rally driver and performance driver coach Lionel Firn. Following years of competing in British rallying and subsequently working as a driver coach behind the scenes and teaching a wide variety of specialist driving skills, he realised that these skills could be transformed into an effective and fun company car driver training programme to help drivers on Britains busy road network.

Lionel was instrumental in devising a range of training programmes including car manufacturer launch events in the UK and in the USA. Additionally, he was part of a team of British instructors tasked with teaching American Special Forces in the art of life saving hijack avoidance and high speed pursuit training skills.

Using this experience, Driver Skills was formed more than 13 years ago to help companies ensure that their company car drivers were trained and kept safe when driving sometimes considerable milages each year. The Driver Skills programme is not only a wonderful, fun day out, it can form a core element of any company’s duty of care in the area of company car driving.

Our Location

Based in Yorkshire, Driver skills uses the vast location of the former RAF Elvington airbase as it’s training facility. Just a short drive from the picturesque City of York, Elvington is famous as the location of many UK land speed record attempts and driving events. It is a spacious and versatile facility which gives drivers the opportunity to learn new skills and practice them in a safe and controlled environment.

Our proximity close to the centre of York makes planning an event very easy. Whether you value easy motorway access, a choice of accommodation or a lovely location to meet up and relax with your team, York covers all of the options you would need to create a successful driving event or corporate training day. We work with companies of all sizes to help create a memorable and educational event that will be recalled happily long after your guests have returned home.

Helen is your principle client contact. Always busy arranging client bookings, she rarely has the time to enjoy the driving element of Driver Skills. Helen will help you to develop your ideas into a great event from initial enquiry right through to the final programme, with advice on travel, accommodation and entertainment bookings.

On Road Driving Team

Our on road driver trainers are all government approved instructors fully qualified to coach drivers on the UK roads. Many have a lifetime of driving experience and skills to pass on including several ex Police  drivers. They will increase your driver team’s awareness of hazards to levels that they had not previously realised while passing on their skills in ways that drivers can use in future.

Skid and Avoidance Team

The Driver Skills skid control and emergency avoidance instructors are all from a motorsport background. Specifically chosen not just for car control skills and driving speed, but for the ability to teach and pass on these new skills in an entertaining and informative way. Even the most nervous of drivers admits to enjoying learning skid control and regardless of your experience or level of driving ability, everyone learns new skills with our skid control team.