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Corporate Driver Training

At Driver Skills, we provide advanced driving courses designed to help drivers make the most of what they already know, and improve their skills in order to make each and every journey they take as safe as possible. Our courses bring together the most important skills and techniques from both police driving and motor-sport, enabling us to provide the best, and most comprehensive, advanced driving lessons in the UK. Our flexibility allows us to provide training tailored to your needs whether you are looking for a course as an individual, or for a corporation with a group of drivers.

Advanced Driving Skill Days

Our focused off-road advanced driving courses offer an exciting opportunity to improve your vehicle control skills. The capabilities you will develop through off-road training can be applied on the road, and will help to make you a safer, more accomplished driver. Our instructors will teach you how to respond correctly if your vehicle skids in order to safely bring it back under control. We also cover preventative techniques, and will train you to notice changes in grip level, allowing you to avoid skidding in the first place. Our off-road courses would be incomplete without teaching valuable advanced skills such as emergency braking and collision avoidance. Our trainers for our off-road courses are truly top notch, and are successful race and rally drivers. During your lessons, they will share their high levels of skill and experience with you, providing truly helpful insight into advanced vehicle control. We offer off-road training at specialised locations in York, Leicester, London and Edinburgh.

Corporate Driver Training Team Events to Reduce Driving Risk

Road safety is of the utmost importance for any business which has company vehicles and members of staff regularly out on the road. Our corporate driver training events designed to boost teams driving skills and consequently reduce your corporate road risk.

What Driver Skills Offer:

Corporate Driver Training Events

While our on-road company driver training focuses heavily on safety, our off-road corporate driving events blend expert training and fun, and make brilliant team-building opportunities for businesses. Employees love skidding around our tracks, and each driving event provides full hospitality to ensure that your team has a truly enjoyable day. We provide on-road training nationwide, so no matter what area of the UK your business is based, we can provide you with the corporate driver training you need.

If you want to boost safety on the roads, protect your drivers or give your employees a fun, day-long event, simply get in touch with us for a competitive quote.

Advanced driving courses to reduce the risk level for your drivers

Advanced Driver Training

On-Road Company Driver Training and Assessment for Car and Van drivers in ALL UK Areas…
Fleet Training

Corporate driver training events off-road at our Yorkshire location

Corporate Training Events

Corporate Driving Days that combine fun with expert training and Full Corporate Hospitality…
Corporate Events for fleet drivers

We can provide skid pan training days at 4 locations

Skid Pan Training

Group Skid Pan training days are available in Scotland, Yorkshire, The Midlands and London.